The participation era is here

Marketing strategies built for the broadcast age don’t work as hard as they used to. Customers are in control and every brand is one step away from rejection.

Businesses must urgently and continuously evolve to keep up with rising expectations.

The Study

From purposeful brand platforms, to innovation-led customer experiences and people-powered influence strategies. The Participation Brand Index identifies the brands setting new benchmarks for consumer expectations on involvement, and how people are responding to them.

Dive into the data below and see how brands that harness the power of people outperform their competitors at every stage of the funnel.

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How it works

The study explores the performance of 150 brands across B2B and B2C in the US, Europe, and Asia. We use 25 different levers of Participation, and demonstrate the impact each has in driving brand and business performance.

B2B & B2C

B2B & B2C

We surveyed over 7000 consumers & business decision makers

3 markets

3 markets

Participants from US, Europe & Asia

150 Brands

150 Brands

We’ve measured the performance of 150 brands across 25 different levers of Participation

How brands rank

All 150 brands within our study are ranked against each other and filtered by our 5 pillars, from Passionate Purpose to Experience Innovating (more on these below).

Dive into the data to see who’s out front, and who needs to keep up.

You can filter by region or age range. Click on a specific bar to reveal more on how that brand has fared up.


Please use the desktop version of this website to view and interact with the Participation Brand Index data

How participation drives performance

Using 25 different levers, apply your own filters to see why, no matter the brand, it pays to participate.

Hover over a data point to reveal the brand and its score.


Please use the desktop version of this website to view and interact with the Participation Brand Index data

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The Participation Brand Index provides the blueprint for modern marketing success.

We’ve condensed all the findings and headline stories into a whitepaper.

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