Whilst innovation is fuelling the sector, it’s passion that ignites it


Whilst innovation is fuelling the sector, it’s passion that ignites it

Today’s car market is being transformed through technology faster than ever before. So, in today’s tech obsessed culture, it’s easy to think that innovation is everything for the auto industry. But whilst it’s important, it’s not the whole story. Acting with real purpose and passion can set you apart from the competition and allow you to become a brand people want to be involved with.  


Whilst of course underpinned by category disrupting product innovation, there’s more to Tesla’s success than that. Beyond the product, the brand behaviour and experience creates cultural leadership. Just as with Apple and Virgin before them a passionate figurehead in Elon Musk combined with a truly customer led experience far removed from the category conventions really sets itself apart from BMW and Land Rover.
58% of respondents strongly agree that Tesla stands for something it believes in – more than any other auto brand. And that belief and passion translates into a desire to become involved with the brand – 47% believe the brand is creating an overall experience they want to be part of


Whilst the switch to new power sources looks set to dominate the industry for the foreseeable future, how can brands who are followers in technology keep themselves relevant through other forms of cultural leadership? What can be learnt from the passion which drives attraction to Tesla ?