Do things first if you want to be loved


Do things first if you want to be loved

We all know the best brands are the ones that entertain, educate and/or connect people, and this is certainly true of LINE. Used by over 54% of the population, it is Thailand’s preferred messaging app that is succeeding from segueing into a life essential for the populous – whether that is enabling quirky Thai conversations via their stickers, or helping people with LINE Pay, or delivering food with LINE man. The insight – play a simple and active role in people’s lives, and they’ll love you.


LINE has achieved double the ‘love’ score than all other consumer tech brands in the survey. How do they do this? By trying things first. 9 out of 10 respondents felt that LINE had the confidence to do things first before the competition. As a result they are seen as category leaders, the brand in the space with a real sense of purpose and significance.


Other consumer tech brands need to think about how they can compete with LINE and continue evolving their offering to improve their usefulness to consumers. Easier for an app than it is for a retail or hardware brand for sure… but as we’ve seen with Tesco, Lotus and 7/11, there are ways more traditional brands can continue to add value to consumers beyond their core offer by trying things first rather than waiting to follow.