To be picked at the bar you need a talking point


To be picked at the bar you need a talking point

All alcohol brands have similar patterns for awareness and consideration, no doubt reflecting their media spends, but the brands who manage to attain that elusive ‘first choice’ status are the ones creating a talking point. In a dark market like Thailand there are only so many creative territories that can be safely negotiated that also act as creatively fertile land for brands. So the challenge each alcohol brand has is to create, curate and participate in popular culture talking points when you can’t put your product or brand front and centre.


From Chang to Smirnoff, the brands who drive discussion amongst friends are the first choice for consumers.


It’s taken for granted that visibility via ATL and trade media will drive awareness and consideration, but understanding exactly where and how an alcohol brand can play a role in cultural talking points is what will separate the extraordinary from the ordinary