Three eras of snacking strategy


Three eras of snacking strategy

The highest ranking snacking brands in the Participation Brand Index each come from a different era: Coke, Red Bull, Kind Bars. The fundamental approach of each brand reflects the dominant needs of consumers within that era. What’s interesting to see is that each approach performs, but in different ways.


Consumers recognise Coke as acting like a leader, delivering a consistency of experience and being enjoyed by others around them, and as such think about them regularly.

Red Bull is seen as the most provocative and challenging and as the brand that fuels people’s passions and as such leaves people most willing to pay more and discuss the brand with their friends.

Kind Bars, the most modern of the three, are recognised for having a clear passionate purpose, a commitment to improving the life of its consumers and a relevance in the future. This is driving high ‘first choice’ scores for the brand.


Every strategy requires trade-offs. Every successful brand does so through single-mindedness. Red Bull has built itself as an occasion based solution for a specific need. So while it’s not a go-to beverage, users know they can count on it to deliver in the moments of need and will therefore pay a premium for it. Kind’s sense of purpose is making it the preferred choice of a specific audience base whose repertoire may be selective but whose numbers are growing. By understanding the ongoing evolution of brand strategies it’s clear to see where consumer needs are heading. And to see that modern brands adopting progressive marketing approaches can leapfrog all but the very best of the competition.