Technological innovations are shaping culture


Technological innovations are shaping culture

Innovation is a driving force in virtually every industry with all brands in a constant battle to be the newest, the latest and yes, the greatest. But too often innovation happens without intent, purpose or human understanding. The study shows that the consumer tech segment gets how to innovate not only with the needs of its customers in mind, but how their innovations can transform the communities their customers live in.


In general, Consumer Technology does well against all measures of participation, but two pillars stand out amongst the others – Culture Shaping and Category Innovating. These brands understand how to amplify their innovations so that they truly shape popular culture – giving them a clear narrative and purpose. And while the industry as a whole outperforms the others, there is one brand that sets the bar for all others to aspire to reach.  Apple ranks highest throughout the study and there are few brands, if any, whose innovations have had a greater impact on culture than Apple’s.


The winners are those that avoid tech for tech’s sake but innovate with a purpose. The magic happens when the innovations become part of bigger stories about how a brand will enable their users to live better, do more and create more. Apple raised the bar for everyone by focusing on their role in defining and shaping the culture around them. All brands would be well served to better understand the impact they can have on society at large.