Red Bull, guzzling with a purpose


Red Bull, guzzling with a purpose

Red Bull is highly recognizable and engaging. But consumers seldom consider it their first choice or strongly recommend it. This seeming contradiction isn’t problematic, rather it highlights the drink’s unique niche in the Snack category. Red Bull isn’t for when you want a casual treat, it’s for when you need a refreshing, reliable burst of energy.


Among Snacks, Red Bull is only consumers’ first choice 2.9% of the time and has a low NPS of 7. It is polarizing, and holds above average dislike.

Despite that, Red Bull is the most recognizable, exciting, intriguing, and crucially, premiumly desired brand in the category. Other than Coke, it earned the highest overall Participation score. While it isn’t often the first choice, a high percentage of the audience intend to have one in the next three months. They used their niche to build to build distinctive character, which drives engagement even if not first choice.


In Snacks, high participation (PBI) leaves consumers willing to pay more (.89). The findings suggest that Red Bull is an occasion based solution to a very specific need. So while it is rarely a go-to beverage, when Red Bull is called upon during those moments of need, users know they can count on the product to deliver. Choosing a focused approach has allowed the brand to maintain a very engaged customer base willing to pay a premium for a brand that listens to them and delivers on their promise.