Product education is the secret to advocacy


Product education is the secret to advocacy

Forget high-end design, iconic ambassadors and secretive press launches. The secret to unlocking advocacy in Consumer Tech is less sexy and more simple: teach people to understand how to use your products. It turns out that consumers are much more willing (and able) to recommend products when they know how to get the most out of them.


The brands who are driving the highest levels of NPS in consumer tech are the ones making the process of learning about their products easy and enjoyable.  


There’s much to learn from the modern marketing approach of Apple, Google and Samsung. But one of the less heralded is the reinvention of the most important part of the consumer tech ownership cycle: product onboarding. These brands understand that the first few days of ownership define a consumer’s relationship with the product, and so are investing heavily in entertaining, practical experiences that challenge the user to discover more of their new product’s potential. The likes of Hitachi, LG and even Sonos can learn a lot from them about this vital ingredient in driving recommendation.