Pão de Açúcar vs Walmart


Pão de Açúcar vs Walmart

Although Pão de Açúcar has a much more emotional communication than Walmart, who focus on rational attributes, Walmart has a higher ranking in the Participation Brand Index.

The brand has managed to go beyond pure communications and combine channels to create a sense that it is a more involving, culturally relevant brand.


In all pillars that compose PBI, Walmart has higher scores than Pão de Açúcar. Consumer rank Walmart more highly across a series of statements about the brand: that it is trusted by other people, hot right now in popular culture and fuels passions and interests.


It is possible to say that Pão de Açúcar’s communication is more elitist, on the other hand, Walmart’s communication is more democratic. But this goes beyond positioning: Walmart are building a brand that is closer to people’s lives and lifestyles, creating the sense that everyone can shop and be part of the brand’s universe. While emotional, aspirational advertising can take a brand a long way, Brazilian retail consumers want and expect even more from the brands who play such a significant role in their daily lives.