Might Uber become the next Xerox or Kleenex?


Might Uber become the next Xerox or Kleenex?

A day doesn’t go by without hearing a new brand being described as the uber of (fill in the blank). What qualifies as the new Uber? Is it being disruptive, different or simply new? Is it because they are hot and of the moment? And if those are the qualifiers, is the Uber brand actually delivering against them for people?


The brand is hot and it certainly has momentum. It scored at the top of the transportation segment alongside BMW when it comes to interested in what it does next and dominates the group in what’s hot in pop culture and not surprisingly they deliver the strongest in providing what i want when i want it (let’s hope they get credit for this one). Conversely there are some very surprising results that calls into question the future role of the Uber brand. It is not found to be a provocative or challenging brand. And unlike brands such as BMW or Jeep it does not create experiences I want to be part of and it is not seen as attractive or desirable and scores near of the bottom at being personal – these results start to feel more like a commodity than a brand.


There is no disputing that Uber has fundamentally changed the transportation industry, but as the category continues to innovate and more competitors emerge Uber would benefit by developing a higher level of participation with its customers above getting them places. What is the Uber brand experience and how does it translate into other markets segments? Perhaps this is why they just hired their first ad agency partner here in the US.