Look after me and my society, or else I’ll vote with my Baht


Look after me and my society, or else I’ll vote with my Baht

The Automotive brands who demonstrate that they care – about individuals and society – succeed in driving overall engagement with the brand. Automotive brands who neglect their customers and society as a whole are the ones struggling to compete.


61% of people believe that auto brands are concerned about their impact on society, and  – more than any other category. One exception is Mitsubishi who seem a typical ‘me too’ brand – standing alongside other brands and lacking any real differentiation… but who are seen to care less about customers and society than their competition. Nearly twice as many buyers feel that Mitsubishi are not bothered about their impact on society as other automotive brands.


It doesn’t matter what your market share is or how famous your brand is, consumers are more aware than ever which brands are making a positive impact on society and which are delivering personal relationships with their consumers. It just goes to show all brands need a powerful Passionate Purpose at the heart of their brand strategy, and a distinctive character to bring it to life.