Shell vs Ipiranga: Innovation beats tradition


Shell vs Ipiranga: Innovation beats tradition

Ipiranga innovated in the way it communicates and the way they position themselves and beat Shell, a international and more traditional Gas Station Brand.


Ipiranga scores higher than Shell across all pillars. With the 18-35 audience the difference increases further in favor of Ipiranga. The biggest differences when analyzing the five Participation Brand pillars are: Cultural Shaping, Category Innovating and People Powered. Ipiranga’s ability to shape culture is driven by it being seen as a leader in the category, not a follower. The brand has also created a sense of visible popularity, with prospective consumers feeling like they see others enjoying the brand. These perceptions combine to make Ipiranga be seen as not only a relevant and fun brand, but it also perceived as a popular leader in their sector.


Ipiranga’s distinct, modern, fun and consistent communication has catapulted the brand to new heights in the last few years. Their use of current affairs and strong social media strategy has made them into a much more relevant and interesting brand than their main competitor.