In Australia, consistency can be sexy


In Australia, consistency can be sexy

We all know consistency is important for building brand equity and recognition over time, but it’s usually regarded as a hygiene factor; not as something that can drive deeper emotional engagement measures like desire. In a world of fragmented & saturated media, consistency has never been more important in brand driving salience and recognition, but its true value is often overlooked as something of a hygiene factor. The reality is that being consistent across all touchpoints and experiences does far more than just building memory structures and aiding recognition; it actually drives deeper emotional measures like desire.


There is an extremely high correlation between brand consistency and both attractiveness and desire for that brand. But this isn’t just visual consistency – this is a deeper consistency of experience, whenever and wherever I experience it.  Nowhere is this more true than in high-value product categories like automotive and technology where Google and Apple lead the way with seamlessly connected cross-channel experiences. But close behind them are brands like Aldi, who have demonstrate that attractive design consistency is not just for premium brands.


Though it’s tempting to deliver tactical, short-term activities and to keep reinventing your brand to make it feel fresh, relevant and innovative, maintaining a consistent set of brand assets and experiences is paramount. Knowing what to evolve, and what to keep is the key to building brands that elicit desire. This is the new era of design integration, where every touchpoint in whatever form needs to have a visceral sense of togetherness.