Importing foreign concepts might be hurting your brand’s equity


Importing foreign concepts might be hurting your brand’s equity

Saving that money that you are spending on local productions and investing it in additional media is a tempting efficiency. But the reality is that the brands who are going beyond translated global assets and are investing in locally-relevant creative are seeing a significant impact on their levels of presence and popularity. 


The analysis considered 4 brands: Samsung and Netflix, who adapt communication locally, and LG and Nokia, brands that use a lot of global communication campaigns. Samsung and Netflix scored higher across a range of important measures: significantly higher levels of recognition for their marketing or products. Higher levels of mental availability. And a greater number of think of the brands as being hot in popular culture and one step ahead of the competition.


Communicating with local relevance is crucial. While creative concepts that work all around the world can be effective in your local markets, it’s easy to see that talking in a way that reflects local needs and behaviours will deliver better results.