If you want my data, give me an experience


If you want my data, give me an experience

The automotive purchase journey becomes ever more digital, as consumers spend less time at car retailers and more time making purchase decisions from the comfort of their ipad. With every auto brand competing to access the most valuable and high-intention consumers, consumer data has become the new oil. But how to access more of this increasingly valuable commodity when consumers themselves are increasingly concerned with both privacy and spam? Give them an experience.


The behaviour that defines the brands consumers are most comfortable sharing their data with is their ability to create ‘Experiences I want to be a part of’. BMW and Jeep in particular are leading the way by creating experience and content-led brand worlds that consumers want to spend more time in. This pattern is echoed in the UK and US where brands like Tesla and Landrover are similarly encouraging consumers to be more liberal with their data through the experiences they create for them.


Data is the engine of modern car marketing and will only increase in value (and scarcity) over time. Purchasing this data through media and affiliate channels only works to a point – the brands that win the data battle will be the ones who earn it directly from consumers. By creating brand worlds that people want to spend time with and experiences that people want to engage in.