14,000 consumers,
177 brands, 5 sectors,
5 global markets, 5 pillars of participation

The Participation Brand Index has been designed to explore brand performance against 5 key pillars of Participation Branding

The study has been conducted in The USA, Brazil, UK, Australia and Thailand.


We have focused on 6 contrasting sectors:
Alcohol, Automotive, Consumer Tech, Retail and Snacking, Travel.


And we have incorporated both global brands with presence in multiple markets, market specific brands and a wide spectrum of players in terms of current scale.


Our survey explores numerous specific brand behaviours and consumer responses related to these pillars

More than just a position in the sector or a point of view on the world, a driving force behind all brand behaviour that gives everything you do an authentic passion, purpose and potency.

Not simply surfing culture, but bringing something genuinely fresh to people’s lives, passions and conversations to help the brand feel hot right now.

Actively enhancing consumer participation in the sector by offering something more interesting, exciting and relevant to the experience of browsing and buying.

Building brands with people, not for them. Leveraging one audience’s participation to drive interest and affinity amongst others.

A truly distinctive character allows people too quickly, instinctively recognise and feel affinity for a brand at every interaction. The most powerful are multi-faceted, provocative and reinforced simply through body language and iconography.

Key facts & figures on our methodology

A quantitative survey was completed by a nationally representative sample in 5 markets across the globe: USA, UK, Brazil, Thailand and Australia.

A total of 14,000 consumers completed the survey. Initial filtering questions asked their buying habits for the complete set of brands, across five industries. Consumers then answered detailed questions around six brands they had disclosed that they would consider purchasing or using.

These questions covered attitude and emotions towards the brands, likelihood to recommend, and how they are perceived by the individual and in society.

A set of 20 questions under five pillars asked attitudes towards our selected brands on a Likert scale of Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. The responses to these questions were coded and aggregated to give an overall Participation Brand Index (PBI).

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