Geek and Pop Culture invades fashion for the young


Geek and Pop Culture invades fashion for the young

Recently, Riachuelo has been launching collections based in POP Culture, with subjects as The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and DC Comics characters. On the other hand, C&A has invested in collections signed by famous designers or fashion brands, such as Alexandre Herchcovitch, Lilian Pacce and Elle Magazine, following a more traditional route. Which route garners the best results?


Riachuelo’s strategy has paid off with the 18-34 age bracket, where the brand dominates. For all other other ages, C&A scores higher than Riachuelo across all five pillars of Participation.


Clothes collections based in Pop Culture are popular among the younger age range because they are derived of content that younger people like and consume. Dressing in a “House Stark” or “Wonder Woman” t-shirt is a way to express a sense of belonging to a lifestyle group. To capture the imaginations of the younger demographic, it’s extremely important to offer products that your target could to identify with, covering interests, hobbies and lifestyle.