Don’t just be great. Be seen to be great


Don’t just be great. Be seen to be great

It’s tempting to question whether the traditional rules of brand building still apply when brands are increasingly built through innovative services and word of mouth. But the truth is that the core principles of strong branding – distinctiveness, coherence and consistency – are more important than ever. The most successful brands are the ones who have turned customers into ambassadors by branding the product experience in a way that is instantly recognisable and copyable.


The brands consumers ‘see others enjoy’ are not only the ones with the greatest market penetration. They’re the ones who have most successfully branded every element of the experience, so consumers can’t help but recognise it. And these top scoring brands are among the top ranking participation brands.


These brands have built visual brand languages that are instantly recognisable from advertising to retail experience to the packaging and product itself. What are your distinctive brand assets and how can you make sure your market are displaying them prominently and proudly?
If your product or service isn’t naturally a visible one, pay extra attention to how comms and brand actions can boost your brand’s visibility to benefit from peer power.