Distinctive character the secret for tech challengers


Distinctive character the secret for tech challengers

When you’re a challenger brand how do you cut through the market clutter when you can’t outspend the competition? You take advantage of your size to keep your brand focused. And you do things the others daren’t. Lesasha unlocks this secret secret in Thailand – recognised by consumers for being not only recognisable and distinctive, but provocative and challenging – helping it achieve the joint highest category score for being ‘attractive and desirable’.


Lesasha is on par with all other brands in the Consumer Technology category (besides Samsung and Line) in all metrics besides two: It dominates “Distinctive and easy to recognise” and “Provocative and challenging” – both essential attributes that give brands a distinctive character and help them stand apart from their competitors.


This could be a wake-up call for the larger, more established brands in the category because what it tells us is brands with a Distinctive Character will stand apart regardless of their size.