Consumer Tech success is powered by people


Consumer Tech success is powered by people

Progressive new tech brands are driving success by moving beyond product in isolation and building connected services and communities to maximise their value around passion points.


4 of the top 5 ranked brands in the UK study for People Power are from the Consumer Tech category. They’re the progressive, new consumer tech brands: 1: Apple, 2: GoPro, 4: FitBit, 5: Beats, whilst more established product focussed tech brands such as LG and Philips are failing to mobilise people around their brands and score towards the bottom of those in the study.
They are brands that get people more excited, and it’s a strategy that pays; for the Gen Y&Z audiences, those same people powered brands are those that they’d pay more for.


Consumer Tech is a hot-bed of innovation, but truly understanding what your audience cares about and the role your brand can play in making that more meaningful is key to success.

Focussing on building relationships between people, and the relationship with the brand will follow. What does your brand do to play a more meaningful and active role in what your consumers care about?