FMCG Snacking Snack brands move beyond salience

It’s an impulse category where mental availability is what matters and salience is everything. Does snacking really need participation?

As bandwidth within consumer’s attention becomes increasingly scarce, the brands who are making a lasting impression on people’s minds and memories are the ones offering more than a catchy jingle or recognisable brand language. In all markets there a two sets of major winners in the study.

There are the category leaders like Coke and Tim Tam whose self-fulfilling ubiquity proves the People Powered principle that we copy each other – “everyone drinks them because everyone’s drinking them”.

And there are the new breed: Propercorn, VitaCoca. By combining a visible sense of purpose with a design-led and experiential approach to branding they are outperforming the established players and pointing to the ushering in the brand building approach of the future.

And even a brand