UK Generation Participation

In the UK our study included a broad range of 50 brands, from established global behemoths such as Amazon, Apple and BMW to national treasures like M&S, Waitrose and BA, and local start-ups such as the 5 years young Proper Corn.

As marketers, we often look at audience attitudes and behaviours by generation but rarely look brands through the same lens. Our study suggests that Participation Brand behavior comes much more naturally to ‘Millennial brands’; of the top 10 brands we surveyed only the Centurion BMW was born before the mid 90’s*, whereas the bottom 10 is dominated by longer established brands – with EasyJet (’95) and Ocado (’00) as the exceptions.

Of course, the route to success won’t be the same for all brands, but looking across the UK study the People Power pillar emerges as the most untapped opportunity, with both the lowest range and lowest overall scores.