While the study explores 177 brands from around the world, there were 40 global brands that we tracked across multiple markets. Apple remain the benchmark Participation Brand by seamlessly excelling at all pillars of participation within one consistent Distinctive Character.

Number one brand among Millennials is Netflix, who upset the usual suspects through a clear dedication to Category Innovation in entertainment. There is a stronger sense of anticipation in what the brand is going to do next than any other brand in the study.

Scale isn’t a requirement to be a leading Participation Brand. Number nine among the global brands is GoPro, a brand that is combining the distinctiveness of its product with the People Power of its small yet growing ownership base to bring in new customers.

While technology brands dominate the top ten, spirit brands also compete, thanks to the ongoing work from brands like Johnnie Walker to make the Experience of Buying the brand as enjoyable as possible.

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