Brazil Brazilians want to talk about your brand

Fifty brands explored, from traditional high performers such as Coca-Cola, to disruptive digital, young brands such as Netflix. We wanted to see how the Brazilian public relates with brands, and what drives market preference in the middle of a political and economic turmoil.

The first thing that stands out, is that Brazilians have a really high interest in brands, tied with Thailand for first place, a common characteristic when talking about developing countries. But no one beats Brazil in how much they talk about brands: Brazil leads the study as the consumer who talks most about brands with friends, indicating that a relevant message can be really amplified through word of mouth and brands that deliver this, score high in the Participation index.

Probably a direct impact of the country’s moment, brands that are perceived as being worried about their impact on society, conquer the consumer’s hearts and pockets, as they are willing to pay more for them.

We invite you to dig deeper and have a look in which brands are the most participative in the country, differences between each market sector and what opportunities exist for brands who want to be relevant in the cultural melting pot that is Brazil.