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Iris is a diverse, thriving, creative innovation network of over 1,000 people in 13 offices, working with many of the most progressive and successful businesses in the world.

We believe that in the era of Participation, brands have the potential to leap the tracks from being just another credible option, to becoming a vital participant in people’s lives.

But we wanted to prove it. So we put some of our 100 strategists around the globe to work to try to understand the potential return on involvement, what methods are the most effective and who’s doing it best.

This study explores how, through the right combination of purpose, provocation, innovation and culture-shaping, brands can harness the power of involvement and thrive in this new era.

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Ben Essen

Chief Strategy Officer,

As Chief Strategy Officer, Ben has been at the forefront of Iris’ Participation Brand building work over the past 10 years, honing a blueprint for modern marketing with brands including Samsung, adidas and MINI.

Dipti Bramhandkar

Executive Planning Director,

Dipti heads up the strategy team in North America. She’s passionate about grounding creative work in real audience insights and creating programs that are culturally alive and commercially impactful.

Sorcha John

Global Director of Future Strategy, APAC

Sorcha heads up the APAC Future strategy team – a discipline with a singular focus; to translate future uncertainty into present day decisions, using deep foresight, strategic modelling, & creativity to accelerate the delivery of long-term competitiveness.

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