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iris is a diverse, thriving, creative innovation network of over 1,000 people in 13 offices, working with many of the most progressive and successful businesses in the world.

We believe that in the era of Participation, brands have the potential to leap the tracks from being just another credible option, to becoming a vital participant in people’s lives.

But we wanted to prove it. So we put some of our 100 strategists around the globe to work to try to understand the potential return on involvement, what methods are the most effective and who’s doing it best.

This study explores how, through the right combination of purpose, provocation, innovation and culture-shaping, brands can harness the power of involvement and thrive in this new era.

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Rich Edwards

Rich, our Group Planning Director based in London, leads the strategic output for a number of our European and UK clients. Like iris, he’s all about the blend, bringing strategic experience from digital, CRM & advertising disciplines.

Mark Hadfield

Mark heads up the strategic output of iris across the APAC region based out of Singapore. He works across a range of clients including Chang, Shell, Philips, Samsung and LEGO.

Mike Giannone

Mike heads up the strategy team for the Americas. On most days you will find him obsessing over the ever changing cultural landscape that drives the magical intersection between brands and their consumers.

Ben Essen

As Executive Planning Director, Ben has been at the forefront of iris' exploration of Participation Brands over the past 10 years. More recently he's acted as editor of the this study and supplies many of the global stories.

Lakshmi Taneja

Senior planner, Lakshmi, is the newest member of our iris New York team. She has experience in B2B Tech, Vision Care, and DIY/Home Improvement.

Celia Garforth

Celia leads the strategy and social media team at iris Sydney. She's passionate about the intersection of brands with culture, and how this distinguishes those that win big.

Mariana Brizola

Mariana works on the strategic side of our digital marketing in New York. She has experience both in ATL and BTL agencies as well as in e-commerce business.

Allan Gotsis

Allan develops digital and BTL strategies for iris Sao Paulo, playing an integral role in developing a culture of innovation, through TrendTech – a process which he helped recently remodel.


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Cacau Lima

With experience in ATL, BTL and B2B campaigns, Cacau now focuses on helping our clients in Sao Paulo to make sharp strategic decisions.

Martin Haw

Martin is a Senior Data Analyst for iris’ Management Consulting arm, iris Concise. Martin has experience in a variety of disciplines, and in the study has led questionnaire design, data analysis and visualisation.

Sam Noble

Sam is responsible for harmonizing all aspects of strategy, planning and insight to ensure we’re creating extraordinary value for our clients. He is central to the evolution of our agency offer.

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